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You never know what you'll find at L-W, come and see, we meet Wednesdays at 3 p.m. We serve snacks, too!

Who do you think stole Grandma's jewelry???



I don't know, what do you want to do?

Working on the mystery play?? We're not saying!

Which button do we push, where's the paper go??

Making copies makes us happy!

Playing and watching Sonic Rider on DDR night

Getting up close and personal, or was she just making it difficult?? You decide...

Waiting for a turn on DDR

You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out....hokey,pokey - right???? WRONG - it's DDR!!

We even had pizza and chips!!

Playing Sonic Rider

Nice backdrop.....

Look who's ready to DDR - it's not too late to sign up!! Now it's too late - it already happened - Jan. 5, 2007. Watch for future nights at the library.

Getting ready for the great reveal???

"Famous" Old Home Days Parade - we were SOAKED!! But we had LOTS of candy!

Recent gathering at the library - having fun playing games.

The summer group at the end of summer, 2006 - making plans, having fun!

One of our "characters" from the mystery play - she's playing the part of the school librarian - I don't know ANY librarians that look THAT mean!!

Another mystery play character - hint - he's the bad guy!!

Another mystery play character - Summer, 2006. She was good friends with the "victim", I think..... can't remember.

Or was SHE a friend of the victim??? Hmmmm, who can keep track?

Mystery play character - someone's "Mom".

Funky Art teacher for the Mystery play - Summer, 2006. Some people REALLY got into their parts!

Sideways and tangled - sorry about that!